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Grab a kleenex feminists, because there are only two sexes and your idiotic deconstructivist ideals are laughable!

A machine learning algorithm was able to correctly predict with 80% accuracy the sex of study subjects from brain images. Highlights:

  • Neuroanatomical sex differences in youth is modeled using a statistical learning approach.
  • Results indicate the advantageous of multivariate analysis over univariate analysis.
  • Cortical thickness and mean curvature measures revealed sex differences that were unrelated to brain size.
  • Most discriminative brain areas were angular and occipital gyri and paracentral lobule.
  • The source code for the analysis performed in this study has been made available.

The algorithm was not able to distinguish more than two sexes, male and female. Sorry, freaks, you don’t have a poo poo platter of genders to choose from. You’re either man, woman, or mentally ill.

Sex differences are literally brain-deep and therefore invalidate feminist theory that the sexes are born the same but diverge in ability and preference due to “social conditioning”. Men and women have different brain architectures, notable in specific regions of the brain, and these differences are independent of brain size.

Interestingly, male and female brains show the most pronounced difference in the occipital lobes and the angular gyri. The occipital lobes process visual information (holistically appealing jerkboy vs visually stimulating HB). The angular gyri are involved in calculation (math) and in mental representation of spatial information (engineering).

Mm mm mmm mm mm. ¡SCIENCE! won’t take my salty balls out of its mouth.

PS If this machine learning research were directed to predict the race of subjects from their brain images, I suspect the results would be….AWFULLY revealing.

PPS Right on cue, scientists have discovered that DNA tests can predict a person’s IQ. Uh oh! Narrative collapse incoming!


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