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DEUSVULT wonders,

what is the lefts obsession on hating Christianity, but going balls deep in love with islam?

Less complex answer: Leftoids are cowards. It’s easier to insult people who won’t fight back.

More complex answer: Leapfrogging loyalty (a term coined by Steve Sailer iirc).

There are many psychological factors that explain leftist virtue sniveling, but one that I don’t see getting much airplay is this: virtue signaling is a way for leftoids to morally preen without actually having to act morally.

It’s a lot more work to be manifestly charitable toward your White neighbor than it is to profess empty charity toward a far away foreigner you will never see nor interact with except possibly at political protests against HURPHLE DRUMPH. Leftoids don’t want to do the hard work of charitable giving, they just want to emote about how charitable they are, and the best way for them to do that is by directing their phony piousness to alien hordes who are kept out of leftoid neighborhoods by restrictive zoning laws and high housing costs. The leftoid who claims the mantle of the xenophilic priesthood is careful to choose distant Others as the objects of her mouthed generosity, because if she made the mistake of speaking charitably about her countrymen and neighbors there’s a chance she’d have to put her signaling into concrete action.


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