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If you have what you think is a smoothasfuck line or routine to try on girls you hit on, first practice it by saying it aloud to yourself. Not kidding. Every idea we have sounds better in our heads than it usually does IRL. It may seem gay to you chadwicks, but speaking aloud a thought in private is excellent practice for refining one’s Game. When you hear (and see) yourself as others hear and see you, the biofeedback loop between your mind and body is exposed to tinkering, and by making slight adjustments in your voice and body language you will coax adjustments in your mental state and self-conception. You’ve just rejiggered your biofeedback mind-body axis into a positively reinforced SMV signal boost.

Steve Keaton adds,

Record it and play it back.

Less is more, and think of the words as being a carrier signal for the real communication: Your face, your voice, your body language.

Self-recording is also a good idea. Everyone is a little shocked when they first hear a playback of their own voices (we all think in our heads that we sound like a Hollywoodian Zeus or Aphrodite). A man can work on his tone and delivery speed this way, training himself to sound sexier to women. Generally, you want a lower pitch, slower delivery, and fewer words. Almost all beta males in their natural conversational style speak at too high a pitch, too fast, and too loquaciously.

If you want a good rule of thumb governing vocal delivery, shorter is sweeter. Anything you say to a girl will come across sexier and manlier if you can say it with fewer words. Exegeses are never sexy. Quips are sexy.

Quips and teases and taunts are the meat and potatoes of the beginning of a seduction, which is when attraction is created. Storytelling and value sharing — the longer-winded stuff — comes later, during the comfort stage.

There is a notable exception to this rule: storytelling (and embedded DHVs). If you have a nimble tongue, you can pull a lot of ass by flaunting your talent. But even a silver-tongued devil can bore a woman in an ocean of voluble smoothtalk. The best approach is a balanced diet of jerkboy quips sprinkled with intimate sit-close-togethers sharing deepest dankest thoughts.


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