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Gaming The Exhibitionist

Almost all pre-Wall women who haven’t surrendered to The Fattening are natural exhibitionists, to a lesser or greater degree of commitment and intensity. It’s in their meat robot wiring, because women have to exhibit themselves to capture men’s attention. They certainly won’t attract male attention with their math skills or stand-up routines.

HB exhibitionism is therefore a rhythm of female life that is best tolerated, or even eagerly welcomed as part of the richness of passionate seduction. However, a man will, in the course of a full dating life, occasionally tangle with a pathological exhibitionist. You know the type: standard BPD operating system, crazy eyes from either too little or too much alpha cock, a whimsical GUI that hides a devious sociopathic core processor, and most notably a propensity for shoving her blatant sexuality in a man’s face and then accusing him (in so many words) of objectifying her. Paging PoundMeToo…

On the topic of gaming exhibitionists (who will Game the Gamer?), Turd Ferguson asks,

What’s the best way to game the Exhibitionist?

Story: Last night at the gym, strong HB8.5 wearing spandex shorts & sports bra. Must have really been worried about her upper back bc she did only bent-rows for 30 minutes. [ed: she was presenting] I approached, she seemed enjoy my teasing & smiled a lot, but rejected the # close. What do?

The strategy is a simple one. Exhibitionists expect male slobbering. Defy that expectation. Don’t be a StepinFelchIt. Exhibitionists are gamed by deflating their expectation of thirsty betas noticing them. Very subtle negs insinuating that you know what they’re up to are usually gold. For example, in Turd’s scenario above: “Are two mirrors enough for you? Minimum, three, to get your form right.”

What the implementation of the counter-exhibitionist strategy entails is a. acting like you don’t notice her flagrant displays of attention or b. noticing her display, but only to make fun of her for it. A really good tactic I’ve found is to call the exhibitionist an amateur, along the lines of “flaunting your cleavage is so derivative”*.

*please do not use the word derivative. i used it here for humorous effect. off this blog, use a normiejerk line such as, “does that cleavage act work for you?”.

There are other tacts. You could accuse the exhibitionist of not living up to your standards for clear and evident displays of female sexual interest. Or you could completely flip the script and chide her for being a prude in dress or behavior. This really mindfucks the psychobitionists, especially if she’s hiking her skirt up and you tell her she should try showing more leg if she wants a man to notice her.


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