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The Redacted Republic

Memos exposing Deep State (FBI/DOJ/Obama/Clinton) treason are everywhere lately, and each with more redactions than the previous one. Obviously, there is a lot of ass-covering going on, and enough high ranking swamp creatures seemingly hold the belief that the government doesn’t really answer to the American people, so the people shouldn’t be privy to classified information about the Deep State’s corruption and subversion of democracy. “Bend over and take it, soyim”, is the prevailing attitude of the arrogant pricks running America into the ground.

America is in the Redacted Republic stage of decline, just before we become a Late Republic.

A Redacted Republic is marked by elites scurrying like rats to hide from the sunlight. When things get really bad it’ll be the gallows of the Late Republic they’ll try to avoid (usually by throwing other elites under the bus).

Jack Random asks,

Wait they are scurrying? Based on Comey’s response [ed: Comey feigned a cavalier “That’s it?” reply to the Memo] I thought it was “Yeah I broke the law, suck it we are invincible!” And this is a guy the deep state has already held out to be burned…not a lot of fear I see.

It’s common for prey animals to puff their chests and fluff their fur when cornered. It’s a last ditch desperation ploy to avoid the tooth and claw by mimicking the strength and confidence of a larger, more fearsome beast. But their predator is President Trump, so this move won’t work.

Via, a primer on just how deep the Deep Rot goes,

But the deeper insight to have here is that there is already no functional difference between a FBI Special Agent, a CNN commentator, or, for that matter, a New York Times op-ed author, a professor of political science, a public school district administrator and a SEIU organizer.

Cull The Globohomo Establishment. It’s the only way to be sure.


In completely related news, the central figure — Carter Page — that the FBI claims was the impetus for getting a FISA warrant to spy on the Trump campaign and transition team was an FBI employee in 2016 before he was a Russian spy in 2017.

From a reader: “Worse, Page was employed by the FBI in March of ’16, and was used to obtain the FISA Warrant by the FBI in October of ’16.”


The Swamp is about to be drained bigly.

This is unbelievable banana republic corruption in the executive branch agencies. It almost looks as if the FBI used one of their agents (Page) to entrap Trump by assigning him to worm his way into his campaign.


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