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Patter Patterns

Reader Abc123 has a Game question about girls texting at predictable times of day,

First time posting here. What does it mean if a girl never replies to you, waits a day and texts you at a specific hour. I’m noticing a pattern here. For example:

I text or initiate
she replies 10:12 am I reply later on in the day then 24 hrs later her reply is at 10:22 am or same exact time.

I met this girl during the day she opened me and we sparked up a convo, during our convo she got all chipper and asked to exchange numbers
Ive only interacted with her via text twice to say hi etc and to meet up. She texted me saying she couldn’t said she’s free to meet up Thursday and if that good for me. Am I being gamed?

Maybe. Girls have their own text strategies (and courtship strategies in general), so never assume girls are unaware of their machinations. However, girls who date a lot tend to fall into habits of mind, such as texting at a particular time each day (so they can text all their suitors at once)….take that for what it is. My advice? Ignore her games. Don’t breathe life into your suspicions because the last impression you want to leave is one of a butthurt man over-analyzing her actions.


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