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Stranger Flings

We’re in the age of stranger love. Not real love, but signaled love. Love that is expressed but not felt, for the same purpose: to keep the peace and to feel something, anything that distracts from a boring dreary life.

Hackett to Bits includes a great Godfather quote in an equally great comment,

The Godfather novel is a Red Pill must-read.

“…Don Corleone had no desire, no intention, of letting his youngest son be killed in the service of a power foreign to himself. Doctors had been bribed, secret arrangements had been made. A great deal of money had been spent to take the proper precautions.

“But Michael was twenty-one years of age and nothing could be done against his own willfulness. He enlisted and fought over the Pacific Ocean. He became a Captain and won medals. In 1944 his picture was printed in Life magazine with a photo layout of his deeds. A friend had shown Don Corleone the magazine (his family did not dare), and the Don had grunted disdainfully and said, “He performs those miracles for strangers.” ”

And that was for 90% White America.

Here we are, in the 17th year of sending our alphas off to foreign lands to risk their lives, only to protect the ‘rights’ of invaders to claim the use of our lands and send billions in cash to their home countries, to protect the ‘rights’ of the mentally ill to claim that their biology can be ignored and their ‘rights’ to not be offended by those of us who object, to protect the ‘rights’ of two finocchios to get ‘married’ and thus render marriage meaningless, and all the other crimes against the people and against nature, whitewashed as ‘enlightened attitudes’, that we daily comment on here.

No more performing miracles for strangers…

The Don was speaking as a man from Outer Hajnalia: the clannish Sicilian blood made him question the value of shedding it for anyone outside the family.

Clannishenss prevents the wider social trust needed to advance to the heights of civilizational greatness, but it’s also a prophylactic against the high trust Inner Hajnalian compulsion to xenophilia — stranger flings.

The time has come to accept the Don’s wisdom and stop performing miracles for strangers while we ignore and slander our close kin and leave them to suffer under the miseries of the strangers’ ways.

Love that forever goes unrequited is no love at all; it’s obsession. And our virtue shrieking SWPL White shitlibs are in the grips of a severe obsession that may very well mean the death of the one thing which is truly capable of loving them back: their blood, their soil, their nation.


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