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The harder a cuck or lib loses their…shit…over the Trump “shithole” story, the likelier it is they have thought to themselves that a shithole country was a shithole. The usual mental libness projection.

Imagine being a lib and having to pretend Haiti isn’t a shithole? All the time? That’s a recipe for mental anguish.

Libshits have to suppress a lot of crimethink to function in their soyciety. COGDIS is more than an annoyance to them, it’s their life partner. So whenever they have an excuse to act phonily indignant about a shitlord’s realtalk, and they have a plausibly deniable moment of freedom to air their deepest darkest suppressed word bubbles, they go bananas repeating the offending term over and over. Like a small child who just learned a certain word is naughty and runs around the house yelling it in every room.

CNN maxipads said the word “shithole” 36 times during one night’s broadcast. That’s what a leftoid does when he’s got cover to relieve the pressure-cooker in his skullcap.


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