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The CEO of Netflix is Reed Hastings, who from what I know is not parenthetically circumscribed. But Hastings is a big hater of Trump, and his current physiognomy is the morning drink equivalent of a mint sprig soylatta, so he may as well be a shabbos goy.

From the Y1dTube comments:

The humor is that if you are a white male who don’t agree with decadence, you wife will get BLACKED and LESBOD, while you, evil white cis male, kill yourself and your kind for the benefit of the sem… oops… benefit of HUMANITY!


Is this supposed to be funny? Are men of Germanic or Slavic descent supposed to not notice the obvious propaganda? Large alpha black man dominating the passive, weak “white boy.” And the black stud gets all the white women, who are equally attracted to him. (((Who))) could be behind this “Kalergi Plan” commercial??


My wife’s son really enjoyed this video. He laughed and then told me I should go back to playing Nintendo so now I’m gonna play some switch while enjoying some nice soy. I’m so proud of Tyrone.


(((They))) aren’t even trying to hide their power level any more.


Now imagine a reverse ad: a tall, white stud cuckolding a short, black dude with his black wife. The chances of such an ad being made are zero. Funny how one interracial narrative is OK with Netflix, but the other way it’s a total taboo.

Cutting cable only gets you halfway to a poz-free, proudly pro-White life. Unfortunately, the streaming services have taken up the slack and then some, weaponizing the delivery and sugary rush of the poz so that even little White children can imbibe it by the vat and beg for more. The only solution to this state of genocidal fervor is a mass (legal) culling of fancyboy shitlibs from all layers of the media-entertainment sewage reclamation complex, to be replaced by less antagonistic White shitlords. The other option — the nuclear option PA recommends — is tossing the TV from your home. Starve the beast of ad money and eyeballs, and eventually it will shrink and slink away, perhaps to find a foothold in China, though that’s becoming less promising by the day what with China fast developing its own in-house entertainment machine.

Well, to be honest, there IS one last ditch option……

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