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Every government policy recedes to insignificance in the crucible of demographic churn created by waves of immigration. If you’re arguing over tax cuts while your country starts to resemble Zimbabwe and Honduras, you’re a fool aka a cuck.

The American settlement and later independent nation was relatively churn-free for the first 200 years of its life. America was never a “nation of immigrants”, not for 200 years. America (and before that the Royal colonies) was a nation of Anglos. A nation of settlers. Of Englishmen.

Then, the dam burst. Not once. Not twice. But three times. And the last time may very well be the killing deluge.

See the full size version of the time-lapsed map of 200 years of immigration to the US, at this link. It’s basically a crystal ball into the future of America (cloudy, with periods of Armageddon).

Two centuries of US immigration is a revealing glimpse at the soul of a nation slowly being rotted out and replaced with new soul parts. It looks like there were three inflection (or defecation) points which irretrievably altered America’s future for the worse: 1840-1860 (Irish immigration bringing corrupt Irish machine politics to American cities), 1900-1920 (Russia = Jews, though some were Germans), and 1971 (start of the Dirt World invasion which has yet to decelerate).

Present-day immigration looks like a rainbow of mystery meat throwing up on America, with nothing but a pot of Danegeld and social strife at the end of it. Every country is sending their worst EXCEPT native White countries. Fucked, we are, if the Trump MAGA agenda is captured and subverted by Chamber of Commerce Recucklicans. Looking at that map, we may be fucked regardless.


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