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Just imagine what a spiteful cuck you’d have to be to work at crushing Trump and his MAGA agenda to indulge a momentary vindictiveness at the expense of your political ambitions, your Party, and your country.


Williamk writes,

If the muddying of America is destined, we will necessarily shift to NIMBYism.

This is how WASPs operate. See the liberal town in Vermont that voted overwhelming against letting refugees live there.

It may be that the concept of race nationalism does not compute to hypocrite liberals, because they only sense threats as they encroach upon their Dunbar number.

Long term thinking should be get outta the cities, plant roots.

That’s an astute point about the Dunbar number. (Dunbar’s Number is the upper limit on the number of social relationships the average person can comfortably sustain, and usually rounds to 150 people.) Maybe liberals and conservatives differ fundamentally on how well they can perceive threats beyond their immediate social circle. Shitlibs can only sense danger if it pierces their Dunbar Number, while conservatives can sense it farther off. What this may prove is that contrary to conventional wisdom it’s conservatives who have the imagination and open-mindedness to perceive things that fall outside their Dunbar sphere of influence and sensation, while shitlibs only see a mass of LoveWins refugees who randomly do bad stuff to random strangers who are of no concern to the shitlib. (This also gets at loyalty, which is stronger feeling in conservatives and better helps them identify threats from afar.)

For a perfect example of Dunbarred liberals, see the recent truck attack in Manhattan, in which the local shitlibs insisted to media whores that they were unaffected by the attack and it wouldn’t stop them from celebrating Halloween.


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