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An atheist goon shot up a church in Texas, killing 26. (From photos of survivors and relatives, congregants appeared to be mostly White.)

This is yet another mass shooting perpetrated by a leftoid terrorist in the past year. Here’s Pax Dickinson (Gab: @pax) on the pattern:

June: Bernie Bro shoots Congressmen at baseball practice
Sept: Refugee shoots church attendees in Tennessee
Oct: Registered Dem kills 60 at country music concert
Nov: Atheist kills 27 attending Baptist Church

This country is already embroiled in a civil war, but only one side is participating yet.

I’d add that just yesterday a Democrat neighbor assaulted Rand Paul and broke five of his ribs.

Prediction: The major Gaystream Media networks will dutifully fail to report the San Antonio attacker’s antifa and atheism affiliations, just as they have assiduously failed to adequately cover the political affiliations of all those other shootings.

Thank your local dissident blog for reporting the news that our information gateway Kommissars won’t report.


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