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Seduction — a Eurasian male art form that women only weakly impersonate when they want to hasten the enforcement of an already closed deal — is in its essence the flipping of the conventional courtship script to follow a plot line in which the woman chases the man. A Game technique which effectively flips the script is Self-Disqualification (SDQ). I’ll explain by way of example.

(You could also call this George Costanza Game)

SDQ means telling a girl in so many words or actions that you aren’t good for her. The idea is to steal the natural female prerogative to reject suitors by “rejecting yourself” before she’s had a chance to assess your mate value. This is a psychological feint that has the effect of raising your SMV relative to hers because we have a cognitive glitch that biases us to think a person willingly evading and disavowing our social approval is a person with high social status who doesn’t need our validation. Or, worse, whose social and sexual status would FALL with our approval. SDQ, just like DQ (telling a girl she’s not good for you), is a potent activator of female inquisitiveness. And in women, curiosity thrills the snatch.

While it may be amusing to disqualify yourself as an opening gambit — “hi there, i’m not gonna say more because you don’t want to get to know me, it’s problematic…” — and may even work sometimes if the girl is in a flirty mood, I’ve found that SDQs are better administered a little ways into a virgin pickup attempt (visual intended). You open a girl, casually chat a bit, then just at the moment the convo threatens to go comfy cozy for her (and thus drained of its sexual tension), you deliver the SDQ. My favorite SDQ routine is the “Two Strikes Trick”:

“As great as it is to shoot the breeze with you, I’ve gotta cut it off now before you’re entranced. I already got two strikes against me. A third and I’m out.”

If you’re in the bantz zone, feel free to jokingly deprecate the nature of the strikes against you. “Yeah strike one is my riotous BO. Phew! Strike two, I’m always making girls cry…”

You can also explain the two strikes as references to how you flubbed your approach. “Strike one, I used canned material to hit on you. Strike two, I still think it’s gonna work.”

Or you can go over-the-top. “Strike one, I’m on parole. Strike two, I’ll probably break it tonight.”

You get the idea. Almost all girls WILL laugh at this, and it will rejuvenate a flagging flirtatious vibe. Most girls will ask about the strikes, and most will react by saying something like “we’ll see about that” to give them an excuse to continue enjoying their seduction. But be prepared for the sassalasses who will CALL YOUR BLUFF. This is the girl that’ll come at you, through a wickedly wide smile, with “Oh, OK then, I don’t want you to strike out, so see ya!”

The best reply is a simple one.

“Good call.” Say it with an equally disarming smile and a wink, then leave her. You want to convey an impression of total state control, as if this was the response you were expecting from her and are grateful to receive, rather than leave in an acrid mist of bitterness. 9 TIMES OUT OF 10 the sassalass will call out for you to come back. When that happens, you’re in the driver’s seat. Now YOU are being chased and SHE is the chaser. And she and you will feel this change in the complexion of the seduction down to your sinews. Romantic aspirations become must easier and smoother to fulfill when the woman is implicitly soliciting the love of the man, instead of the usual way these things go.


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