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If only there were more Clay Travis’ storming the clitadel at ChosenNewsNetwork, we outnumbered but not disheartened shitlords would have the media back in control of Heritage America within the fortnight.

A couple thoughts. First, this is a sly meta defense of the First Amendment by Travis that logic traps the talkingcunt into tacitly disavowing the free speech protections of the 1A. “Because as a woman, I can’t even….why are you sitting here on CNN…why would you even say that live on national television and WITH A FEMALE HOST…to the reeducation camps with you, sir! RAKE SPEECH IS NOT FREE SPEECH”

Second, it’s not often you’ll see a 100% undiluted dindu humorlessly white knight an overtanned hapa. But I suppose the urge to stick it to Whitey overrides any other innate compulsion.


PS Take some time today, gentlemen, to manspread extra wide whenever the opportunity presents, because the gynarchy deserves nothing less.


A great comment by williamk,

This vid highlights for me one contemptible quality of liberals: The insincere posing.

Here Ms. Brooke Baldwin is playing the part of a woman who is really offended by the word “boobs”. How dare you sully the presence of a lady with such words. Meanwhile, we all know damn well that this 38 yr old never married powerslut fucks dudes who joke about her boobs. Probably the dude she’s currently banging made some remark about her tits after the news of this blew up. She probably laughed, then fucked him.

They don’t believe in any of this shit. They buy houses in 100% white areas, feminists fuck the baddest bad boys their collagen can get them, and everybody takes jobs that immigration can’t threaten if they can.

The world is separated into people who admit plainly obvious facts, and people who lie about it for brief pats on the head.

That second paragraphs sez it all about the Lie Machine that is post-America shitliberalism.


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