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What attracts European women to have sex with homeless migrants on a pile of trash, in public?https://t.co/vqYPR4q2lr pic.twitter.com/o9FDLbZVvJ

— Black Pigeon Speaks (@navyhato) September 12, 2017

If the West does well and truly disappear from the face of the earth, my celestial form will lay the blame squarely ‘twixt the open thighs of the West’s White women. Skank you very much, ladies!

Funniest Twatter comments to that photo:

She may be a Guardian reporter interviewing him about institutional oppression of minorities while respecting his cultural requirements.


Maybe the migrant just cashed his welfare check. Money talks.




Migrants aren’t subject to Feminism’s laws, so they can be “real men”, and that turns them on.

If only western men would overthrow Feminism


Well, they have successfully neutered white men. Hardly surprising they are looking to other groups to dominate them.

Those last two commenters get very close to the truth of the  matter. The West’s White men have been castrated by chemfare, feminism, and titanic globohomo social forces that have masculinized our women and feminized our men. Seeking the strong embrace of unrestricted masculinity (or an ebony street shitting facsimile thereof), Western White women spread their legs — rhetorically, politically, and all too often literally — for dirt world dick. If White men don’t reclaim the mantle of alpha male dominance, they will lose their women for good. Women have evolved to survive, which for them means bending over lubriciously and accepting the spear tips of the successfully invading tribes.

It doesn’t matter much this specific Italian white woman’s status. Whether prostitute, unpaid whore, drug addict, feminist soldierette, low self-esteem basket-case with daddy issues, or high self-esteem narcissistic slut, she is emblematic of a deadly corruption snaking its way through the limbic system of Western White women. For every White ho getting pumped in an actual dump by a Bringer of Darkness advance colonizer, there are ten White hos hooking up with migrants in more discreet locations, and one thousand White hos shrieking like crazed banshees for the West’s borders to be opened wide to third world filth and impregnated with decay, destruction, and destitution.

Anyhow, judging by the details available in the photo, she doesn’t look like a common street whore to me. Her legs are too long and smooth, and her thigh-high boots are in pristine condition. If her face matches what we can see of her body, she is probably attractive. She may be an escort, but then how could this gutter cretin afford her? Others have suggested she’s being raped. It doesn’t look that way to me either, based on her languid body language and relaxed arms, but I’m open to the possibility the photo caught a rape in progress right at the moment it appeared as if she was enjoying herself.

Finally, there is the dismissive argument that she’s low self-esteem, with the implication that we can’t deduce anything about the general psychic trajectory of Western White women from her particular degradation. My answer to that is: how many low self esteem white women can the West accommodate before the rot reaches the beating heart? Seems like the numbers of them increase year over year.

Trash Pile Game (h/t @jackmckrack) will be noticed by White men as an effective seduction technique to win the lip-split loins of sexy White women. This is the dystopia Western White women are ushering with their decision for the Night Christ: normally conscientious and considerate White men opting out of Ye Olde Dating Market that sustained civilization and instead culturally appropriating the pickup techniques of the world’s swarthswarm. Can you blame them? Why slave away in a cube farm and take women out for nice dinners when you can just rustle up with your trash pile bed and fuck thots in broad daylight?

We’re gonna need a bigger pimp hand to save Western White women from themselves. The femcunt complaint about “toxic masculinity” is pure skankological projection to assuage their guilt over feeling less than enthused about the effeminate thirsty males who gravitate into their orbits. The women of the West are begging for the masculinity that has gone missing in the men of the West. What Western White women need now more than ever is a Masculinity Detox. Masculine White men will release the latent femininity of their White women, and prevent more women from infection by the Androgyny Strain.


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