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Bone Zones

Nestled in the quaking bosom of the Chateau comment section was a discussion about European female beauty and why it seems more often to float down from the mountain than emanate from the plain. I suggested that hot spots of female beauty from around Europe (and yeah sure the rest of the crappy world too) be labeled Boner Zones, riffing on the Blue Zones where the healthiest people live. Although now I’d like to change that term to Bone Zones, for its symmetrical quality.

for reasons that are a bit beyond my ken atm, striking white female beauty seems to emerge more often and with greater intensity of flourish from mountainous regions. though not always. if we designate hot spots of white female beauty — call them Boner Zones — then the big three would be the Italian Alps, the Ukraine steppe, and the Baltic seacoast.

A reader emailed with a reply addressing the likely causes for the eruption (heh) of Bone Zones in particular geographic and historical regions. Bottom line: it’s the sex skew.

Remember, ABD: Always be Darwinian.

Why would female beauty emerge anywhere? Because there is a shortage of men, and women have to compete for men, which is not the usual thing. Where do women have to compete for men? Where the men are engaging extremely dangerous occupations and lots of them get killed, occurred in Northwestern Europe over the centuries. Working in the mountains, logging, mining, fishing in the North Sea, all very dangerous ways to make a living. Or in places where there has been sustained violent conflict and huge numbers of men were killed off. Beautiful women in Kiev? World War I, Red Revolution, Holodomor, Great Purge, Barbarossa, Nazi occupation … . All of Eastern Europe is similar. The Baltics were especially hard hit.

Female beauty is nature reasserting life and fertility in the face of bloodshed and slaughter.

That’s a great final insight. Beauty is the flower of bloodshed.

At least for some peoples and places. Has endless bloodshed in Africa given rise to female beauty?

Generally, though, there does seem to be something to the hypothesis that native White European Beauty is unique in the world and uniquely arose from an environment that became the premature resting place for millions of its young native men, resulting in a veritable pornucopia of pussy for the men left alive who did what men naturally do with a surfeit of choice in women: they chose the hottest, youngest, tightest, and had a lot of kiddies with those proto-HBs.

I hate to leave a post viewed through a soft focus lens, so here’s a jarring depth-of-field corollary to whet your inner masochist:

In regions and in times that there isn’t any culling of men, and the sexes enjoy a stable, long-lasting 50:50 ratio that restricts male choice and in which women don’t have to compete for the hordes of thirsty betas begging for cummies, women evolve to become……

uh oh…..


Does this corollary remind you of a specific time and place?

If we are fated for Civil War 2, one upside is that in the aftermath white female beauty may return to the land of the twee, home of the knave.


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