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Jacked Asian

A legit jacked Asian (he looked Korean or possibly Jap) at the gym was comfortably knocking out sets of 225 lbs on the bench press when a nerd herd of willowy Asian males stumbled like a lost tourist group into the weight room. They promptly spied through extra slitty squints the muscular Jacked Asian doing his thing alone at the bench.

It was funny watching their reaction, as their eyes widened (imperceptibly) in wonder, gaping at this unusual specimen of Asian swoleness. They swirled around Jacked Asian muttering in their native bug-tongue, casting glances in his direction every so often, and seemed clearly impressed with the man and desperate to say something to him but for their insurmountable shyness. I’d guess by their body language they wanted to ask him how he got so yuge (left unsaid….”for an asian”).

Now there were plenty of jacked non-Asians in the gym at the time, some of them bigger. There were a couple of negronis and a handful of Whites with builds similar to Jacked Asian’s physique. But the worker drones didn’t see them; all they saw was Jacked Asian, defying stereotypes and radiating the pride of the Asian master race. To them, who cares that non-asian gym bros exist? The world stopped for that moment to prove there’s room for an asian gym blo.

There’s a term for the scene I just described. It’s an outdated term weighed down with historical baggage according to our kulture kkkommisars, but it still accurately describes a recess of our human psyche that will never be abolished by reeducation camp counselors:

Racial pride.

The lesson is this: We find soulful nourishment in the accomplishments of our racial kin, no matter how personally unknown to us or in what part of the world we find ourselves entangled. Racial pride is natural, and really unremarkable until recently, and it’s why we honor the achievements and glories of our racial ancestors, no matter how distantly related, and it’s why a dweebening of asian manlets felt their hearts soar at the sight of Jacked Asian. We can’t help ourselves, and that is why our quisling lessers have to spill so much verbal diarrhea trying to convince themselves they have the feeling under control.

Race matters. It won’t stop mattering, so we may as well start speaking honestly and truthfully about it.

PS I overheard a couple of possibly gay gym bros making snide remarks about a skinny gym newb putting up tiny weights on the bench. Bad form. Why mock someone who’s trying to turn he body around? I give a lot of shit to losers and degenerates who are on a quest to normalize and even glorify their loserdom and degeneracy, but I give nothing but support and love to those who try to better themselves. As it should be. So save your ridicule for the deserving and encourage the newbs breaking out of their blue pill prison. They could have just as easily stayed home and wanked it to tentacle porn, in the way that Kurt Eichenwald prefers to spend his downtime.


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