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Gaming The “Nasty Woman”

As American girls are getting progressively more belligerent and screechy, a man should assume that on his sojourns into the dating trenches he will occasionally have need to parry an out-and-proud “nasty woman”.

mendo explains,

And we can dodge all the cunts wearing [the Nasty Woman] shirt.

Though I wonder if some will be snarky and try to bait a guy into a shit test (but I repeat myself) by bitching about men not manning up and liking nasty women.

No doubt many of these nasty women are generic sluts just looking for another faddish edge to shit test men and, in the course of playing the anti-coquette, inflate their girly egos. If you really want to hate fuck a woman wearing a Nasty Woman t-shirt, you could play along assuaging her ego while lacing your charm with enough bite to preserve your masculine dignity.

Nasty Gashy: “Real men like nasty women.”
Fashy Gatsby: “Depends where she does the nasty.”

FYI I’ve found that talking about a woman (whom you are directly addressing) in the third person is an amplifier of sexual tension. It subtly demeans her social status relative to yours, and it provides rhetorical room for sexy, sizzling teasing without crossing the anti-slut defense threshold that would shut her down to further sexploration.


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