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Now this is how you own the Kiss Cam. Pay attention at the 0:07 mark when he kisses his “girl”.

I laughed. She did too. That’s how you keep a girl hooked on you for the duration.

  1. defy her expectations
  2. be a charming jerkboy
  3. don’t be a boring beta

How does Beer Man compare to the previous Jumbotron master Ice Cream Alpha featured here on this blog?

It’s interesting to compare the two, because there’s a lot going on that’s similar but also differs, yet the reactions of their girls are the same (tingle torrent).

Beer Man is more try-hard. It’s obvious he’s hamming it up for dramatic effect. But try-hardness doesn’t hurt a man if his efforts are to amuse himself (and in this case the public) rather than appease the girl. Ice Cream Alpha is less acting out than reclining in the plush luxury of his assholery. He’s not putting on a show, he’s just chilling and playfully taunting his girl with the least amount of effort. (Playfully? Eh, maybe not so much. He looks dead serious about protecting the perimeter of his ice cream.)

That’s the main difference between the two men. The similarities though are obvious and go deeper than their chosen method of executing a triple lindy jerkboy maneuver. Neither man caves to public pressure. Neither man is interested in signs of approval from his girl. Neither man gives a crap what the watching world or their women think of their antics. Both men blast through their girls’ expectations, mixing unpredictability with cheeky teasing. By pushing their girls away, they have pulled their girls closer to them.

Abundance mentality is the right term for it. So is outcome independence. When you think you can score at will, you’ll act like the type of man who does score at will.


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