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A gem of a neg turned up in this Twatter exchange. So good, it deserved showcasing at the Chateau.

Behold the hypocrisy of Hollywood and American women: pic.twitter.com/yMeF7BGzLR

— Modern Life Man (@ModernLifeMan) June 22, 2017

To which a sly dog replied:

A well-placed and finely-tuned neg like this one can slake beta male thirst. Nothing arouses a ho’s curiosity more than a man who betrays her expectations. And noticing a girl’s big feet in a vanity shot she had taken of her ass in the bent-over position, prepared for copulation, is a YUGE expectation-buster.

Maybe you think this neg is too rough; more an insult than a neg. I say no, it’s difficult to be too much of an asshole with slutty airheads like the one in this pic. But there are safer ways to neg if you’re a wilting flower sort of man. For example,

“Big feet on a girl are sexy. ? ?”

This is the classic formulation of the neg as a backhanded compliment. Buried in the compliment (she’s “sexy”) is the observation that she has big feet, which no woman would consider an attractive part of her body.

There’s a pandemic of beta male thirst in America, perhaps in all of the White West, and tried-and-true Game techniques, including the neg, can help betas get past their thirst and to stop sounding like desperate, needy tools who have a sordid sexual history with their hands and waifu pillows. Will the beta males listen? Or will they continue their self-defeating goal of making themselves as unsexy as possible to women?


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