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Just when you think the leftoid media corruption machine can’t sink lower in its efforts to brainwash the masses in their anti-White Globohomo narrative, malevolent CNN shitlibs were exposed as having staged a Fake Protest of “muslims” in head scarves “spontaneously” “gathering” to “stand with” the London policemen who put an end to yet another muslim terrorist killing spree.

The purpose of CNN’s staged protest is putatively to undercut the argument of justifiably angry Whites that muslim invasion is bad for White nations. In the leftoid’s mind the ruse works like this: a solidarity street protest of a handful of traditionally garbed muslims aligning against rampant terror attacks is visual proof positive that all muslims except a few oddballs are right on the verge of seamlessly assimilating to SWPL society, and anyone who doesn’t embrace more muslim immigration is a bigoted bigot, a racist, and a Noticer of Very Bad Things.

Unfortunately, CNN had trouble finding a spontaneous gathering of muslims expressing sympathy for Westerners and their values, and had to resort to, eh, alternative facts to “tell a larger truth” (that larger truth is the gaystream media lies like a rug).

President Trump is 100% right: Fake News! Sad! (and maybe illegal. trust-bust the media companies NOW. or go after CNN for securities fraud.)


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