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Trump’s Dread Game?

The Auarian wonders about that ballyhooed Melania hand swat that gossipy shitlibs want to believe is evidence the Trumps’ marriage is faltering,

Has anyone used any common sense in connecting the dots when Mrs. Trump was walking a little distance from the pres and delayed taking her hand…this bootylicious cougar was walking near Trump. Mrs. Trump’s actions clearly reflect those of a jealous woman, maybe she was mad that this quite fuckable president of croatia was getting a little too juicy over her man and her man knew it.

Ergo..she was mad.

I haven’t followed the handhold story closely, so I don’t know what scenes may have served as pretext to Melania’s supposed displeasure with her husband, (personally I can’t clearly discern from the vid I watched if she really swatted his hand away). If Auarian is right about Melania noticing HBCroatia cozying up to Donald, then his is the best reason I’ve read yet for Melania’s hand swat. The problem is that too many shitlibs and dweebs in the gaystream media have no understanding of women, and therefore don’t get that women will sometimes act out not because they don’t love their husbands but because they are afraid and angry that their husbands may have cast wandering eyes at other attractive women. And when a woman acts out of jealousy, it’s one small step from that to intense arousal. It’s Dread Game 101.

The other reasonable explanation is that while Melania was in a woman-hating shithole like Saudi Barbaria she wanted to be extra vigilant about projecting an image of an independent woman, and maybe to her holding hands with her husband (as he walked ahead of her) undermined that goal.

Those who think Melania never loved Trump and continues to not love him are engaged in willful ignorance. Melania, like almost all women, is attracted to power and charisma, two traits Don has in ample supply. She married him when he was a real estate icon and minor celebrity. She bore a son with him. That’s love. Now that Trump’s Galactic Overlord? Just remember that Melania has had a habit since Inauguration Day of provoking Trump haters in the media with her sly fashion choices that mock liberal sensitivities. See for example, her “pussy bow” dress.

Side note: I’ve dated East European women, and it’s my impression that they aren’t as keen on PDA as are Western women. They’re ragingly passionate sex sirens in bed, but can appear cold and distant when out in public with their men. I believe this difference goes to their DNA.


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