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The Perils Of Nepotism

Trump having his globalist girl daughter Ivanka and Soros-paid son-in-law Jared Kushner part of his Administration, sitting in on meetings, presents an obstacle to the free flow of information, ideas, and strategies that a president needs to perform at his best and to hew to campaign promises.

The calculus is simple: Blood is bond. And the only thing that can unbond blood is other blood. Non-family members of Trump’s team, even if they are close friends and confidants, will find it exceedingly difficult to question or contradict the suggestions of Trump’s family in his company, or even alone with Trump. They will find it difficult for good reason; as judicious as Trump may envision himself, genetic directives will pull him toward family, and away from anyone he perceives as having besmirched his family. If Bannon has the right nationalist-populism ideas, but it clashes with Ivanka’s competing social liberal mushiness, Bannon risks Trump’s wrath or disavowal if he objects to Ivanka’s suggestions at the roundtable. Possibly, he risks the same if he objects in private to Trump, hoping to tactfully skirt the family issue.

I believe that lady lemming liberal Ivanka and globohomoist Jared, by their mere presence, are hamstringing the Bannon-Miller axis and thus sabotaging Trump’s nationalist agenda. It would take a real set of brass ones to tell the boss in so many words his daughter’s idea is stupid and counterproductive. Would you? And if you had the requisite sack size to pull it off, you probably won’t be around for long to pull the same trick twice.



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