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As near as I can tell, the US’s Middle East policy is:

  • neutralize Israel’s regional enemies
  • provide a rationale for demographically swamping White Christian nations with “refugees” from Middle East clan wars inflamed by American Deep State meddling.

Oil? Nah, the US is practically self-sufficient now. Spreading democracy among dune coon lunatics for long-term stability? HAHA, no. Iraq clearly demonstrated to anyone with half a brain the folly of that mission: unaccomplished.

I was listening to the leftoid legacy news (I needed my daily fix of egregious lying scumbaggery) and the (((usual suspects))) were practically crowing about the Syria “””gas attack””” on “””children””” by “””Assad””” (hi, CIA! perfect timing to distract from the Susan Rice treason) proving beyond a shadow of a doubt that the US has a moral imperative to take in more rapefugees and settle them all over heartland America. “It’s a sin,” one slithery reptile hissed, “that we have 10 gorillion Syrians displaced by war and the Trump Administration refuses to take in any refugees. It’s morally reprehensssssssible!”

Remember CH maxim #1488: all leftoid policy is motivated by anti-White hatred and is intended ultimately to demographically dispossess White European Christians from their own nations.

The anti-Whites’ objective couldn’t be more explicitly stated than if they stood on a hill holding a KILL WHITEY banner aloft while directing phalanxes of nonWhites to storm small town America. In fact, we’re already at that stage with some of the snakes now steering the Democreep Party and staffing the editorial boards of our esteemed newspapers of record.


Days of Broken Arrows makes a good point about the current iteration if disingenuous leftoid sophistry.

Regarding the “it’s a sin” quote. I’m going to repeat a comment I made a few posts ago that disappeared.

The leftoid media pushed through gay marriage by telling people their old, biblical ideals were obsolete. Now when it comes to refugees, they suddenly want us all to go back to those biblical ideals, and behave like good little Christians, being charitable and kind.

THIS is where Trump came in, just at the right time. A large portion of the right (unconsciously) thought: “You wanna shame us for biblical beliefs? Fine. Just don’t expect to us our beliefs for your own ends anymore.”

The very people who told us there is no such thing as sin, now want to tell us they think certain people are sinner. Ain’t gonna work.

Shiverrific. “Gay marriage is a sin” would be a killer riposte to any shitlib claiming it’s a sin to refuse refugees.

PS I just noticed WordPress has inexplicably been shunting a ton of comments straight into the trash folder. I don’t know why, but I’ll try to rectify the problem. In the meantime, keep commenting. If your comment gets trash compacted, be patient, I’ll fish it out.


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