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The amoral Chinese have produced another study that supports the PHYSIOGNOMY IS REAL maxim, and adds to the growing body of real world evidence undermining the Equalism orthodoxy currently straitjacketing the minds of the Western intelligentsia-cum-Ignorati.

(Honey panda don’t give a shit for your laughable leftoid ideals.)

It has long been speculated that cues on the human face exist that allow observers to make reliable judgments of others’ personality traits. However, direct evidence of association between facial shapes and personality is missing from the current literature. This study assessed the personality attributes of 834 Han Chinese volunteers (405 males and 429 females), utilising the five-factor personality model (‘Big Five’), and collected their neutral 3D facial images. Dense anatomical correspondence was established across the 3D facial images in order to allow high-dimensional quantitative analyses of the facial phenotypes. In this paper, we developed a Partial Least Squares (PLS) -based method. We used composite partial least squares component (CPSLC) to test association between the self-tested personality scores and the dense 3D facial image data, then used principal component analysis (PCA) for further validation. Among the five personality factors, agreeableness and conscientiousness in males and extraversion in females were significantly associated with specific facial patterns. The personality-related facial patterns were extracted and their effects were extrapolated on simulated 3D facial models.


Despite the uniformity of ant people faces, I can easily see the workings of physiognomy, a true palimpsest of the borg soul. The faces of the extraverted, conscientious, and agreeable Chinese reflect their subcutaneous personalities, and these looks-personality intersectionalities fit the primal templates we all have for specific types of people.

Something that stands out in particular for Chateau readers is one other trait revealed by the physiognomy test: the disagreeable and careless male faces look like they get a lot of vertical pussy. Chinagirls dig chinajerks. And the high extraversion female face looks like a party girl (adjusted for native population…to most Whites she looks like a budding Chinese teen boy).

Does anyone else get the sense that modern Western liberalism with all its gynecratic beliefs is about to suffer a catastrophic loss of faith very soon? The question remaining is whether the crisis of Western shitlib ego death will transition peaceably to a Shitlord Renaissance or if it will have to be birthed in a hell-crucible of civil road warring.


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