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Female Hypergamy 101

15% of women have slept with their bosses. (37% of those got a promotion out of it.)

That 15% is the number of women who admitted to having affairs with their bosses, so we can safely double the number to get an accurate picture of the percentage of women banging up.

This is female hypergamy 101, the desire of women to date up, marry up, and fuck up. By “up”, I mean a man’s social, economic, and sexual status: women want a man higher than themselves in all the ways that matter, except looks and youth, in which women prefer to retain an edge over the men they screw.

The rise of a managerialist corporatocracy/gynecracy greased with conformist HR cogs from the effluvium of a thousand libarts colleges has created a sexual market that accommodates and amplifies the female hypergamous impulse. Any beta provider would be wise to steer his beloved away from hyper-stratified, super-SCALED corporate behemoths that are run as de facto harems by a few alpha males at the top supported by an admiring and desiring ovaclass of id-starved, Shonda Rhimes-raised women all too happy to turn the cubicle farm into a hive of gossip and sexual intrigue.

As long as humans are a sexually reproducing species, female hypergamy will always be a feature of life, but the least a healthy society can do is stop undermining its own foundation by feeding that hypergamy tasty morsels from the globohomo gadget mills and paper pushing parks.


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