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Trolling As A Pickup Tactic

Reader irksome1 suggests a universally-applicable cousin to the Birthday Cat emoji sabotage of grandiose female self-perception.

CH, I came up with a troll so simple, so powerful, it’s like a cold fusion briefcase nuke. It works as a comment on posts of nearly any topic (or as a responsive text, perhaps), due to its perfect simplicity. It doesn’t matter if it’s some retarded political post, party selfies, pictures of her dinner, or whatever pop cult degeneracy she idly finds entertaining. It is best when the posts aims to be ~empowering~ to women sorts of agitprop. The comment is:


I like it. It’s sufficiently ambiguous — “asking for what?”, she wonders — yet pointedly provocative — “who does this badboy think he’s talking to!”, she tingles — that it will spur additional inquiries from the woman so addressed. Additional inquiries that could lead to nutritional intrusions.

Another ambiguously graphical emoji I’ve lately been sending to ladies is this one:

Like Birthday Cat, it’s an all-purpose response to just about anything a girl texts or posts. She yaps about Trump, or TweeVee, or fashion, or my reticence to indulge her with immediate and glowing respectful appraisals of her awesomeness, I pass along this graphic illustrating the ideal womanly “swayback” that maximally arouses men…..and she’s left in the defensive crouch, furiously hamstering what it could mean and feeling just the right amount of unease that the pic has something to say about her own sexual worth.

Meme magic is real, and it’ll get you erected just as it got Trump elected.


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