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Audi Enters The White War

Audi released a Super Bowl ad that is more devious than it looks at first glance. Superficially a feminist boilerplate hack job, its real message is that Audi is a car for the GoodWhite victors in their eternal war against the BadWhite losers.

The Internet is in the proverbial tizzy about Audi’s “feminist” Super Bowl advertisement, in which the automaker comes out in favor of equal pay for women.


After watching the one-minute advertisement carefully, however, I understood feminism, or equal pay, is the last thing Audi wants you to take away from it. The message is far subtler, and more powerful, than the dull recitation of the pseudo-progressive catechism droning on in the background. This spot is visual — and as you’ll see below, you can’t understand it until you watch it and see what it’s really telling you.

Advertising — especially advertising of the anti-White male and anti-BadWhite varieties — is a psy ops of bone-chillingly manipulative complexity and influence. The GloboHomoBezos Ministry of Propaganda did not get to where it is by playing softball. And for quite a long time, American advertising has had as its mission statement the demoralization and demonization of White people who aren’t sufficiently eager to be absorbed into the mudworld and feminist man-hating borg.

Well, if you’ve been reading along, I think you’ve figured out what the real message of this Audi advertisement is, but just in case you’ve been napping I will spell it out for you: Money and breeding always beat poor white trash. Those other kids in the race, from the overweight boys to the hick who actually had an American flag helmet to the stripper-glitter girl? They never had a chance. They’re losers and they always will be, just like their loser parents. Audi is the choice of the winners in today’s economy, the smooth talkers who say all the right things in all the right meetings and are promoted up the chain because they are tall (yes, that makes a difference) and handsome without being overly masculine or threatening-looking.

At the end of this race, it’s left to the Morlocks to clean the place up and pack the derby cars into their trashy pickup trucks, while the beautiful people stride off into the California sun, the natural and carefree winners of life’s lottery.

The White War is heating up. Instead of finding common ground, White factions are squaring off and preparing in every way but firing actual shots for a coming Civil War II. Advertisers that sell to upscale GoodWhite (or, what they should be called, FoolWhite) markets have chosen sides and all firepower is now directed without remorse or mercy on the enemy BoldWhites.

It’s getting hot in here. The nearer shitlibs approach their reckoning and destruction of their equalism worldview, the louder and more insistent will be their calls for violence. America will hit a breaking point, a threshold of discarded empathy, when the sputtering vituperation will boil over into manifest vengeance. This reality is becoming less avoidable by the day. And, as I have cautioned shitlibs who strayed into this happy hunting ground before, their side won’t win this time around.


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