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Shitlord Of The Month

Our SOTM is this soldier of subversion, crashing a Shia LePoofter outdoor shitlib art show to drive the congregants insane in the membrane.

Nomination for Shitlord of the month@ChateauEmissary pic.twitter.com/3Jw5TlZdhW

— Secret Agent Skippy (@kweenslandah) January 27, 2017

Watch the video to the end for the climactic shiv twist!

Let’s zoom in on this mischievous shitlord’s face.


That’s how it’s done. That’s the look you want in this degenerate age. Take that look with you wherever you go, it’ll serve you well. Even in the bars, where the pussy will throw itself at you.

SOTM runner-up are these two pizanes who could take on twenty antifa shitlibs in a bare knuckle street brawl and relive it one hour later over pasta and meatballs at their moms’ place.

Video: Old School New Yorker Smacks Down Leftists in Epic Rant – https://t.co/lHrhOF4uj8 pic.twitter.com/LR6Nf4aPYG

— Paul Joseph Watson (@PrisonPlanet) January 27, 2017


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