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Distinguished Gentleman Game

Let’s say you’re a distinguished gentleman. You’ve reached middle life with a string of accomplishments to your name buttressing an unshakeable self-confidence. You handle your social affairs with a relaxed poise. That crucial ZFG attitude comes to you naturally now, a product of experience and genuine unconcern for the opinions of others on the subject of your worth as a man. How would your relations with women change? A reader writes,

There is a guy on FB who is in his 50s.  He’s in a punk band from back in the day, so he has fans and groupies.  He has a cute but not beautiful girlfriend with a nice body maybe half his age.  He refers to her as “my current girlfriend” or “the current girlfriend.”  He does it offhandedly like it is totally normal.  Nice.

“The current girlfriend”. That’s a fine dread neg right there. Women love a man who challenges their complacency and impels them to battle day and night, year upon year, to earn his devotion.

The answer to the question “How would a distinguished gentleman’s Game change?” is this: It wouldn’t. Game is applied charisma, and male charisma never goes out of style.


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