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A pithy insight into the nature of Game and women, from commenter “We are losing 1 IQ point a decade. Oh well, that rocks baby.”

For you to succeed at [picking up women/Game] you have to either understand nothing of it and be thoughtless or to understand it in full.

Half-assing an understanding of women’s romantic natures is what creates the sort of lost, bitter souls who populate forums like PUAhate. You can know just enough about women to fill you with dread and cynicism and spite, or you can know it all and achieve an inner peace about your part in the machinery of the mate market.

Pre-rational men have this inner peace unknowingly, by virtue of their blissfully primal approach to life. Rational men learn too much, about women and about themselves, and waste time and opportunities second-guessing their value to women.

But the man who uses his reason to integrate the emotional filter of the pre-rational man into his mindset is a force of pussy-parting power without equal.


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