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Amazingly, and doubtless owing to the self-abnegating Whitegeist that encourages this sort of blatantly anti-White crowing, lame duck White House squatter Gay Mulatto admitted to committing treason against the United States of America.

Regardless of what President-elect Donald Trump’s plans are for immigration, President Barack Obama says there will be “inevitable” changes to the demographics of the United States.

“If you stopped all immigration today, just by virtue of birth rates, this is going to be a browner country,” Obama told NPR’s Steve Inskeep in an interview that aired Monday.

A browner country is exactly what Gay Mulatto wanted. It’s why he refuses to close the border, why he won’t enforce immigration laws, why he wanted to fast-track unconditional amnesty and give illegals the vote, and why he has spent years and political capital bum rushing Somalis into heartland America.

Make no mistake, this was Gay Mulatto’s treasonous plan all along: the dispossession and demographic displacement of White heritage America. Open borders to the brown world was his biggest middle finger yet to the White lineage that he so despises in his own family tree.

HE IS OPENLY BRAGGING ABOUT THE INEVITABILITY OF IT NOW, because he thinks, not unjustifiably based on past experience, that White America won’t hold him accountable. That instead Whites will line up behind Gay Mulatto and cheer their till now bloodless annihilation from the nation their ancestors built and their White posterity will inherit.

In clown world, he gets away with it. Luckily for him, he’s leaving right at the moment clown world is about to cede to a resurgent sane world, in which the gallows for traitors to the nation are returned to service. We have these treasonous vermin on record and every legal justification at hand. All we need now is the will to make our enemies pay for their crimes against the People of the United States.


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