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A reader who spent some time acquainting himself with the Chateau teachings applied what he learned to the field, with good results. (incoming *preen*)

I’m somewhere in the reforming beta stage right now. Working on refining and developing myself. I was reading the Chateau for half the day today and smelled a perfect opportunity on Bumble to straight up rip some lines from here.

She opened with asking me about Incubus (great band), gave her a real answer. Then she followed up with another question and I smelled blood in the water…

Number is in her next message. That worked way too fucking easy. Why is this shit so difficult for me to pull off on my own?

He included a screenshot of his text Game, which I ask the readers to rate, so that this man can refine his Game as needed and others can learn about the Game principles which underlie the rhetorical vaggle-dazzle.


My first take: This is tight Game. He avoids all the beta traps and stays on the offensive (in both meanings of the word). I especially liked that he assumed the sale right at the outset. And then he nuked her “I don’t know enough about you…” shit test from orbit, by basically agreeing and amplifying her phony reticence. After those two stellar exhibitions of Game, her number was a foregone conclusion.

Did I miss anything? Now it’s your turn to rate his Game and, if you found it wanting, suggest improvements.


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