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One of the most important (and under-appreciated) social science studies to have been linked at the Chateau had to do with the escape velocity of revolutionary political movements. Unfortunately, I gave up trying to find the relevant post in the archives after fifteen minutes spent trawling for it, but I recall the gist of the study’s conclusion.

A game-theoretical mathematical algorithm was applied to large scale movements of a social and political nature, to determine the number of people required for a movement to take off and snowball into a revolutionary fire that sweeps away the megaliths of the old order. (The algorithm is similar to the one used to discover that ethnocentric societies win out over other types of societies (e.g., humanitarianism) when they directly compete.)

What the study found was that a successful revolution only needed to start with 10% of the total population as active and passionate advocates of the cause. That’s a surprisingly low number at first glance, but it meshes with the historical record of past social movements. For instance, not many people know that a large majority of Americans in 1970 supported the Vietnam War, even though this was during the height of the flower power anti-war movement that would eventually succeed in ending the war and abolishing conscription — and fifty years later making the girls’ bathroom safe for men wearing dresses.

I was reminded of this study when I saw the video of cuckryan getting booed off the stage at a Wisconsin event.

Cuckryan, loathsome creature he is, won his August primary by a comfortable margin (although Paul Nehlen made deeper inroads than previous challengers had done against cuckryan). How could that be, I asked myself, when he seems to be despised by his constituents? And what does this say about an anti-globalist revolution?

The answer lies hidden in that gem of a study I mention above. Far from a majority of Wisconsinites are shouting SHAME ON YOU at cuckryan, but that vocal minority who do — that glorious 10% bringing all the heart and the balls to the populist nationalism rebellion — are influencing future events in ways that their small numbers prevent them from fully comprehending.


That’s it.

You get a dedicated 10% to stand athwart the globalism whore machine, yelling FUCK YOU TO HELL, and you can move mountains….and cucks from their corner stools.

So the next time you’re feeling despondent in your shiv-right isolation and surrounded on all sides by despicable cucks and john leibowitzian shitlibs, be invigorated in the knowledge that your tattered and dispersed regiment of realtalkers, fueled on nothing but white hot rage and righteousness, is striking a mighty blow straight at the heart of the corrupt and degenerate ruling class and the wicked Clinton witch.

Why do you think the elite are pulling out all the stops to kill this numerically insignificant alt-right rebellion? Because they know its potential power, and they are afraid.


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