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Read a synopsis of the treachery here. Dan Senor, a neocon lackey for Cuckryan and Romney, was behind the leak of the “pussygrab” tape, with the follow-up worldwide release and coordinated rapid cuck response ostensibly directed by traitorous backstabbing bugeyed scumbag cuckryan in an effort to deep-six Trump’s campaign.

Cernovich also has been doing a bang-up job documenting the evidence as it comes in that the GOPe is sabotaging voter registration efforts in battleground states to help ensure a Trump loss.

These snakes are playing with fire that will consume them.

The Cold Civil War is on. These are interesting times we live in, Chateau readers. Veeeeeerrry interesting. If the shitlibs, media, and cucks double and triple down, this Civil War 2 could turn hot.

Storm clouds gather.


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