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Today I present you with two fairly common types of female shit tests, and then discuss the one guiding concept you should have in mind to help guide you to the best neutralizing, momentum-swapping responses.

The first shit test (and it rightfully qualifies as a legit shit test) is what I call the Snarky Feminist Butthurt by Asshole Boyfriends Past Shit Test. An umbrella term for it is the Dominance or Compliance Shit Test. It takes the form of a feminist poseur, (whom you can tell is just seething with man hatred because some jerkboy throttled her lady thing in 2014 and didn’t call back), who takes out her resentment on random men she meets online with quizzes about their familiarity or obeisance to whatever idle feminist keking point happens to be sloshing through her electric ham. She uses the shit test to exert dominance over the men she has so far failed to control.

Exhibit C(unt):

“Her friends” = her imaginary friends.

Let it be known that every man whom “holly wood” has ever fucked likely had no clue about female authors, had never read a book by a female author, nor any book for that matter. The man she winds up fucking next will likewise have been recused from answering her vapid quiz. In the cock carousel interim, there will be a small army of lickspittle beta males willing to jump through humiliation porn hoops for an A+ grade on her testicle-shredding test.

The feminist poseur shit test has nothing to do with screening for sufficiently craven male feminists; it’s all about virtue signaling — or better, vixen signaling — to her amen chorus of loveless HB5 single bitter girl friends, or to herself to satisfy a too-long un-scratched solipsism itch. Why vixen signaling? It’s a humblebrag. If a girl can slap male suitors upside the scrote with boner-killing feminist demands and still get dates, she’s signaling to other girls her vixen allure is potent enough to surmount her self-imposed handicap.

A response to this shit test that would keep the playing field open (and not automatically and instantly disqualify you from further consideration) is one that conspicuously betrays an insouciant disregard for her terms of debate.

For instance:

“Good Housekeeping”, “Cosmo”, “Story of O”.

You’ve humored her, exhibited wit, and dismissively patronized her all at once. She’ll hate you and love you for it, and that’s a good feeling to put in a girl on whom you have carnal designs.

She’ll probably reply with a version of wow just wow how could you you asshole chauvinist pig it’s the current year haha i bet you think you’re smart. Ignore it. This is license to HOLD YOUR FRAME and add gas to her loinfire. Call her out for being a philistine unable to appreciate good literature.

“cosmo has great style tips. a leader in the field. try reading it, you might learn something”

Inevitably, if you stay true to your amused bastardy frame, she’ll crack and warm to your teasing ministrations.


The second shit test is more properly categorized as “Beta Bait“. It’s very common and it essentially involves a woman ostentatiously showing off her body to get a rise out of any man viewing her photo. The beta bait is her sexy figure, which will invariably incite beta males to praise her beauty, chomping down hard on the chub-swelling chum and thus getting the exit stage left hook.

Exhibit S(lut):

When a girl posts a photo like this online, or sends it across the chat line, you can be sure of two things:

  1. She knows what she’s doing
  2. She loves assholes

Beta Bait is a type of Fitness Shit Test. It’s how a sexy girl separates the beef from the daft; she wants to know if a man has high reproductive fitness, and one effective means to determine that is testing him for a needy reaction that reveals sexual scarcity. If he doesn’t sound needy, she subconsciously registers that to mean he’s a man with limitless sexual options who can take or leave her, and this is very arousing for the typical prime fertility woman.

The worst response to this shit test is the one I mentioned above: drooling appreciation. “Damn girl, you hot” is not just a failure of imagination, it’s also a one-way ticket to incel. This girl EXPECTS men to reflexively pop wood to her tantalizing physical taunt, so the obviously correct response is to do the opposite. Which means, in practice, ignoring her blatant exhibitionism or challenging her self-perceived sexual worth.

For instance:

“don’t do it. u have so much to live for, even if u can’t see it”

What she hears: “Doesn’t this guy notice my perfect ass? Wtf does he mean?” And BOOM there’s that pleasing alpha male ambiguity that supercharges twatbox tingles coast to coast. The “even if u can’t see it” late addition is extra spicy sauce drizzled on the main course, beckoning her to wonder if the good parts of her aren’t her body at all, but some other ineffable quality that doesn’t matter much to her overall SMV, like her judgment in profile photos.

(Another wag offered the reply “jump u faget”. Noted here for its sweet, outcome independent, jerkboy-compliant misspelling.)

She’ll shoot back something empty-headed and indicative of the confusion you’ve sown in her…. haha wtf *smily crying face*… but all you have to do is refrain from backpedaling off your cock-solid frame and you’ll have a live one on the line.

“who took that pic? your mom?”

Exhibitionists can’t have too much Asshole in their lives, so don’t worry about going overboard. Just remember that effective asshole game is also emotionally distant. Think “devil-may-care” instead of “unstable rage-head”.


So what is the one guiding concept to overcome female shit tests? Is it “Agree&Amplify”? No, that’s a tactic; a very powerful tactic that can substitute for Inner Game in a pinch, but still a tactic that doesn’t offer the deep mental state you’ll need to navigate you through the thickets of the fellating market.

The guiding concept is this: SURPRISE WOMEN.

Challenge them.
Thwart them.
Provoke them.
Elude them.
Baffle them.
Deny them.
Disqualify them.
Defy their expectations.

This is how you set yourself apart from the dully bantering, endlessly appeasing mass of mediocre beta supplicants stuck in a courtship mindset that linearly follows a grooved path from desperate need to impress to stepinfetchit apologetics. Everything you want to be is NOT what most men are; namely, predictable polishers of the pussy pedestal.

Ass pic? Question her suicidal tendencies. Feminist quiz? Mock her pretensions.

The kind of men who surprise women are impudent, self-entitled, sexually privileged, ZFG Jercques Cousteau holding girthright citizenship in Vajhalla. And it’s that kind of man, any shrilly claimed protestations to the contrary notwithstanding, with whom women can’t help but fall deeply in love.


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