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From LegendoftheGalacticHeroes, a reminder that the Goodness of White civilization is multifaceted, and its bounty not always captured with arid econometrics.

eventually one realizes that everything good and beautiful in this world is a product of white cooperation and love, and that anything other than that is savagery and corruption, and non-whites can never understand why they fail, because they don’t have the je ne sais quois, or white man’s magic that it takes for simple s**t like a public park or a good book or helping a stranger find their way or not raping a 9yr old to cure your hiv

It’s funny because it shivs. What’s not funny: president Gay Mulatto having Omar Mateen’s father at the White House, or importing one million Muslims in his last year in office. Open borders to the third world = say goodbye to that fragile, tenuous magic that makes White homelands so livable.


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