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More On “The Look”

The ((( Rebbe ))) explains,

The easiest way to get “The Look” is to find close family members who have it (and those who don’t). Your family members will be very close to you genetically, so study how women react to them. Even quiz women on their impressions: Ape the good traits and carefully avoid the bad ones.
If your father is an Alpha, this is a sincere blessing. Copy your father down to the slightest detail while noting his flaws (yes, every Alpha has flaws). Clothes, hair, style, demeanor, personality, taste, car, home decorating, humor, etc. If it works for him, it will prolly work for you. Then prune his bad habits or combine those of other family Alphas, and, of course your own identity, which likely doesn’t fall far from the tree.
Yet, many people let jealousy get the better of them and tragically fail to learn from their betters.

Having a few alpha naturals as friends is invaluable to your personal growth as supreme poonslayer, esq. This goes double if those naturals are family members. Closely observing a natural in the wilds of the sexual market, learning his ways, appropriating his winning traits to conform to your style and personality…. all these choices are superior to the choice of feeling envy toward the natural.


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