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The View From America

Johnny Redux paints a lurid, dismal picture of the America he sees fulminating around him.

We need something to change, and that’s for sure. I live in a pretty nice area. Stopped at the chain grocery store to get some items for the week, and here are some things that I saw/thought:

* Saw two young girls (between 12-14) wearing skin tight leggings with no skirt or anything to cover their butts. They were not together, but with separate moms walking around the store. One mom looked like a trailor park loser, the other mom was a fake blond whore wearing her own set of tight leggings (and fat ass to go with it). Both totally oblivious to the whore-training their daughters (or maybe jealous of it, who knows!). The older brother of one of the girls (and son of the trailor park trash woman) looks pale, thin, and has turd green pants on drooping down to mid-butt. He slides when he moves, he does not walk. I am guessing there is no dad in the picture with any of them.
* Tall, heavier set 25-ish year old White girl at the checkout line next to mine, with what appeared to be her father. The father was carrying the girl’s young 2-year old looking son, who clearly had some Puerto Rican or other non-White blood in him. Turned my stomach. Of course, the father of the child is no where to be found. Pumped and dumped, raising the genome of another race, and doubtful to ever carry a full-blooded White baby to full term. Of course, beta dad is just happy to have a grandchild. Yeah, diversity.
* On the way out, a fat, 40 year old, 5’2″ slug of a woman almost runs into me (as she is coming through the exit!) because she is staring at her iPhag. Does not bother to say excuse me, sorry, etc. I say, loudly, “Nice job! Keep staring down at your stupid phone!”
* In the parking lot, put my groceries in the trunk. Look over to the car in the next isle unloading the family. Both girls are hypnotically staring at their iPhags. I wonder, “How will either of these girls making a fully functioning adult, let alone a fully functioning mother who has to GIVE her attention to another human being for more than 30-second blasts?! This is why the Third World, for now, has an advantage on the social level, because they are not being destroyed by all of this readily available technology…and pumped the drug of constant entertainment.”
* Get inside my nice, sound-deadening car, and all is quite. Breath. Jezuz! Going out is depressing when your eyes are open. Turn the key, and “Lips Like Sugar” comes on. That helped.

Kevin “Eggface” Williamson would tell these people to rent a U-Haul and move to another town. And that is why the magazine he works for, and his preferred candidates, fail.

America is regressing and growing coarser and more venal by the day. The last stages of decline and irruption are in view. I have hope that this ship can be turned around before hitting the shoals, but my hope dwindles with each new outrageous news cycle testifying to the stupendous malevolence and incompetence of our ruling elite and their sycophantic, status whoring, megaphone lackeys.

Eventually, this will end. I think now more than before that it will end with America splintered into regional powers, because the mutual hatreds have festered and been stoked for far too long to permit even a facile show of unity. Our “””leaders””” now openly show utter contempt for their subjects, denying their constituents even the simplest and most beneficial concessions, like deporting invading migrants and refraining from depositing alien refugees in small, rural towns; how is this state of affairs any different than living under a malicious dictatorship?

Good men of noble T levels fall into two camps: those ready to fight no matter the odds against, and those ready to “deaden the sound and the fury”. Either choice, in sufficient numbers, means the death rattle of this tainted America. Soon, the house cucks will come to realize their cause is not just futile, but wicked, and their time will disappear like Spanish moss in a hurricane.


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