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Peeple is a new app in a long line of privacy destroying, character assassinating, surveillance state facilitating, attention whore enabling apps that went live recently and promises to hasten the end of Western Civilization.

For those in the dark, Peeple is a human ranking app. Character is currency on Peeple.

When the app does launch, probably in late November, you will be able to assign reviews and one- to five-star ratings to everyone you know: your exes, your co-workers, the old guy who lives next door. You can’t opt out — once someone puts your name in the Peeple system, it’s there unless you violate the site’s terms of service. And you can’t delete bad, inaccurate or biased reviews — that would defeat the whole purpose.

Imagine every interaction you’ve ever had suddenly open to the scrutiny of the Internet public.

Naturally, two nosy broads co-founded the company.

After public outcry, Peeple caved on their initial negative review guidelines and apparently users can now contest posted bad reviews. (Good luck with that.) Also, you have to have a registered Peeple account for negative reviews to show; otherwise only positive reviews are displayed.

Comment from James:

Assuming this app is successful, what new markets would it create or change?

1. phone numbers and email addresses become sacred. A cloaking device which hides numbers/addresses could be installed on each phone. if you’re in proximity to someone else, you could accept that person’s handle name, without ever know their contact details. You or this person could block each other if things turn sour.

2. The demand for multiple names would go up. People will develop separate names for family, friends, work, the State and relationships. This will become a headache for, not only the authorities, but also banks and courts. It will resemble something like the Native American naming system. Pick-up Artists have already figured this out.

3. The demand for social media declines. (I feel like we’ve already reached peak social media, but that’s just me.)

I’ve been saying that full suite anonymizing apps and network privacy solutions with shallow learning curves will be the next big thing, because the market for them is YUGE and untapped. TOR and TAILS and VPNs are great, but they are still only usable by a small minority of tech-savvy customers sufficiently motivated to search for and install these cloaking devices. The average American 1. doesn’t fully grasp the nature of the online threat to his privacy and identity and 2. doesn’t have the time or smarts to grapple with the privacy-enhancing tools currently available.

To any budding entrepreneurs with an interest in cyber anonymizing, this is your moment. A simple, one-click app that can effectively conceal online identity from corporations, government, and psychostalker exes will absolutely COMMAND customer response and loyalty. Why there’s nothing like it yet is a mystery to me.

Anyhow, as James hinted at, Peeple is an exciting new exploit for pickup artists. If Peeple gets a reputation for aliases, then any girl using it would not be able to discern a regular Peepler from a PUA Peepler. Sowing that much confusion allows the sneaky fucker with the 007 alias to operate with plausible deniability. Imagine a girlishly tentative post-coital inquiry: “Your name’s not John?” “Oh yeah, that’s not my real name. You know how it is on Peeple. No one uses their real names.”

Another advantage of Peeple to PUAs is, of course, the ability to manipulate its review system and thus girls’ perceptions. Fake female accounts to add positive rankings to one’s profile would trigger the “preselected by women” algorithm in curious viewers. Or, the aspiring modren womanizer could try the opposite tack and flood his profile with low rankings and conspicuously bitter butthurt reviews that read like the pained regrets of disgruntled ex-girlfriends and puzzled one night stands. This “jerkboy verification” via third party bitching has a powerful effect on spectating girls — especially the younger, hotter, tighter, asshole-adoring girls that every man really wants — who will be drawn, uncontrollably, to a bad man who has left such a lengthy trail of broken hearts.


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