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Hemaphobia is the Greek word for “fear of blood”.

Rakiphobia is the Greek word for “fear of race”.

A classic rhetorical trick used by leftoids is to pathologize the normal, healthy instincts of BadWhites (aka Whites with a functioning self-preservation instinct) with the purpose of ostracizing those crimethinkers from contributing to the public discourse. The winning counterattack to this leftoid rhetoric is to draw attention to their ethnomasochistic/anti-White virtue signaling, social status whoring pathology, using similarly emotion-laden words. Labeling the Left is as critical to mission success as substantive refutation of Leftist beliefs.

This is what COPROP is all about. A winning revolution against a tyranny of lies needs its rhetorical shivs as much as its dialectical shield.

An example of effective COPROP that turns leftoid tactics back on them would be the crafting of smear words that roll off the tongue and imply the recipient is suffering from a mental disorder or a sociopathic compulsion to screw over good people. For instance, a quick and dirty script flip is to substitute the suffix “-philia” to any leftoid term of disparagement.




When you target leftoids with these words you will experience the exquisite pleasure of witnessing their child-like egos prolapse in a tantrum of indignation. Their confusion as to how to respond to this novel line of attack will often leave them gibbering like lunatics.

As much as I love taunting shitlibs with the label “xenophilic”, (a slur which hits pay dirt because it is true as well as diagnostically caustic), there is another term which I hope will hit the mainstream consciousness as hard as any leftoid agitprop.


Fear of blood, which translates into the vernacular as fear of genetic kinship and aversion to ethnic/racial affinity. A standard representative of the typical platitude-spouting, hemaphobic leftoid would be this woman.

Interviewing my 11 year old on #SyrianRefugees: We should let them in. If we treat them like Americans, then they’ll act like Americans.

Exhibit C(uck) in empty-headed poopytalk that provides an endorphin rush to the moral preener but also reveals the deep-seated hemaphobia that motivates her race betrayal. She is a sick woman who needs many MANY years of therapy.

If hemaphobia doesn’t catch, “rakiphobia” can be used instead as a colloquial substitute. My prediction, if these lethal alt-right psy ops begin to imprint on the block-like skulls of mainstream cuckservatives, is a pall of shock and awe, and eventually crippling self-doubt, settling over the leftoid hivemind as they grapple with their rhetorical Hate Machine reprogrammed to destroy its creator.


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