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If you read Peter Frost (and others like him), you’ll be familiar with the theory that white pathological humanitarianism — i.e., white ethnomasochism (as commonly practiced by today’s SJWs) — is a psychological disposition of Northwest Europeans that evolved in the not-too-distant past under the twin environmental pressures of manorialism and non-kin marriage. Radical outbreeding essentially selected for people who were very trusting of outsiders. This high level of trust allowed Western Civilization as we know it to find purchase and flourish.

But, as Frost et al have hypothesized, a powerful altruistic impulse combined with an almost gullible trust in strangers has, over time, become corrupted in the people who possess these normally positive traits. The congenial indulgence granted to non-kin locals that worked so well in a largely racially homogeneous geographic region has turned inward and reconfigured into a self-flagellating penance for imagined sins against the world’s steaming masses. The Columbus Knights of the European Empire have turned to the dark side.

The fate of white Westerners whose blood runs with humanitarian fervor is sealed: Decline, and eventual overrun by less altruistic foreigners. This isn’t idle conjecture. Besides the obvious signs of cultural decay, there is theoretical evidence that ethnocentric groups will eventually out-compete and supplant humanitarian groups. White liberals are the four horses’ asses heralding their own extinction.

What I’m about to say will sound strange, and highly speculative. It is. Bear with me. Chicks who dig jerks may be the saviors of white NW European culture. While the mechanism is unclear at the moment, it is possible that the pathological altruism of whites — a once-healthy altruism pathologized by a changed environment — is such a sickly suicidal urge that, through some subtle feedback signal, it affects white women’s mate choice algorithm, increasing their desire for rule-breaking badboys with a low tolerance for kumbaya bullshit.

As a commenter at Frost’s remarked,

Thus, it makes me wonder whether we are seeing a display [pathological humanitarianism] that has simply become too costly – much like an over-long peacock tail. It may have been selected for in the past and conferred a mating benefit, but now it is simply dead weight and hard to shed.

It just remains to be seen whether the group has enough variability in the personality traits to adapt and survive – selecting for new traits that are beneficial for survival in the current culture. Perhaps that is why WASP women now appear more eager to mate with “bad boys” than “nice guys”? Maybe less inclusive personality characteristics are beginning to be selected for already…

When a race and its culture are pushed to the brink, its women will begin to favor men who, in myriad ways, offer the chance of resistance against their annihilation. If women are choosing jerks and rascals, it may be that on a level beyond their conscious appreciation they are helping to birth an army of selfish pricks capable of saving them from themselves.


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