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S.S. wrote a review of Michel Houellebecq’s latest novel, Submission. Le Chateau was kindly linked in the review. I’d like to issue a small correction. Michel Houellebecq wasn’t so much a “major influence” on this ‘umble reatalk retreat as he was a kindred spirit. The Houellebecqian and Heartistian worldviews happened to align and that is why he was granted shivhood by this blog, but in point of fact CH wasn’t aware of Houellebecq’s oeuvre until late in the game, long after similar themes (and coy conclusions) were explored here.

CH themes and observations were culled primarily from the field; if those T&Os resemble Houellebecq’s sharp scrawls, then that is evidence Houellebecq knows of what he writes.

A quibbling quibble. Houellebecq, along with Tom Wolfe, are the greatest novelists of our age and, not coincidentally, they are also alt-right, neodark, reactoshivvian crimethinkers and sexual market surveyors of unparalleled keen perception.

The Left’s causes are exhausted, and their art reflects that. The Right’s causes have only just gathered strength, and their art is ascendant. Rebellion has always been a friend to expression.


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