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The Son Becomes The Satyr

How soon should you teach your sons well… the art of game?

Reader Sentient infers that establishing good Game habits in your son early in life will pay dividends later when there’s a lot more at stake.

when in doubt – just act. A bias towards action sets you up as alpha. Be dynamic.

There are two little boys – 3rd grade say. They both enjoy looking at the long blonde hair of little Sally. One boy pulls her hair (and probably tells her she is stupid). Which one is miles ahead of the other?

Fast forward to Freshman year in college… Both boys are there, looking at the shapely Jane at the bar. Which boy goes up to her? Who is miles ahead of the other by doing so?

When in doubt – be dynamic…

“A bias towards action.” In the realm of seduction, this is a good rule to live by. Half of a woman’s attraction is bound up in her waiting for a man to take the initiative and say something. That is, a woman will feel a surge of attraction for a man who boldly imposes himself on her, and does so skillfully, with women’s particular courtship needs in mind.

It’s good fathering to instill these habits of masculine impudence in your son during his formative years, before he hits high school and is thrust into the machinery of the sexual market, which will grind him to dust if he’s ill-prepared for the reality of female nature and romantic rejection or, worse, misinformed about the machine’s programming and liable to punch in the wrong launch code.

In practice, this means teaching your young son a PG-rated version of Game. Encourage his playground antics. Explain to him that girls are different than boys, and love to be challenged, teased, and offended. Tell him that reckless action always beats thoughtful inaction when it’s a girl’s heart he wants to win.

It won’t take much prodding. Children absorb wisdom like a sponge. Even a little guidance will make a big difference later. Then, leaving behind an innocent childhood spent pulling girls’ ponytails, he’ll be off to college, sparing not more than a minute to sidle up to that cutie in orientation to tell her he’s majoring in breaking hearts.

A lot of the familiar Game techniques we know as adults are retrofitted capers emblematic of childhood. In the adult reformulation, the unsolicited physicality is tempered, and the flirty taunts are raised a reading level or two (but not too much). We can learn much about seduction from the carefree ZFG of children, but we as experienced womanizers can also return the favor and help our boys struggling with embryonic self-doubts to locate and fully express their natural God-given boyness.


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