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“To Be Fair” Game

I have a buddy who says his pickup game boils down to “fatten them up before the kill”. He means by this that he lowers girls’ defenses with stray, off-hand compliments and then, when they’re smiling and acting gracious and conciliatory toward him, he pulls a 180 utilizing a coy “except for” non sequitur and mildly rebukes something about the girl that she prides herself on. The key, he says, is the delivery; he makes it seem like his insults are never intentional. His whole game is essentially an extended-play version of the neg.

I was reminded of this by reader Chad Durbsley, who explains his “to be fair” game which sounds tactically similar to “fatten them up” game.

Update on “gay game”.

Although I’ve been using Internet dating less and less, it’s still worth putting a minute or 2 a day into it depending on where you live, and your skill in spotting undercover fatties.

“Gay profile” gets amazing results. Especially with younger sjw girls with a rainbow profile pic.

Also having great success with “to be fair” game.
I.e. : “to be fair- if your profile was any gayer it would be a power-bottom named Steve”.

The trick here is to use the “to be fair…” and then say something that’s patently *unfair* and also insulting. This short circuits the hamster direct to the pussy.

This is a semantic trick that works surprisingly well. “To be fair” Game is a sneaky false premise verbal sleight, the false premise being that what you are about to say is anything resembling fair. (A cousin of “to be fair,…” is “that said,…”.)

This persuasion technique could be lumped into a school of salesmanship called “relationship building”. It works by presuming, or fast-tracking, a closer, more intimate relationship than actually exists, which in pickup jargon is known as time compression. When you use leading clauses like “to be fair”, you are insinuating yourself into the girl’s circle of trust; you are assuming in effect that you are a fair man, that she knows this, and that anything you say must therefore be weighed more seriously than what any other rando would say.

“Relationship building” goes a lot deeper that that, but don’t underestimate the force that a few well-timed quips can have on a woman’s perception of your mate value. “To be fair” Game would work even better if you “fatten her up” first with a sincere compliment. This is the psychological foundation for the efficacy of the neg. Like Chad said, the blatant contradiction between the declaration of fairness and the unfairness of your comment is just the kind of verbal theatric that drives women crazy with curiosity.

“Love your purple hair!….. To be fair, it does make you look like a gay tranny.”


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