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Commenter tspark156 is quick with the pith and earns this week’s COTW:

The inherent self defeating contradiction of female empowerment is that to achieve it means becoming more masculine. Femininity becomes a weakness therefore there is no actual empowerment for what is truly feminine.

As CH has written, there does seem to be a convergence of Western men and women into an androgynous slop. Feminists have deceived themselves into believing femininity is a losing hand, but to their great pain and regret they will find that playing a second-rate man is far less empowering than living as a first-rate woman.


Phil A. O. Physh nails cuckservatism in a simple formulation and takes home the COTW runner-up ribbon.

At this point “Conservative” simply means “Late to the (Progressive) party”.

Can we just call conservatives “pussies”, and be done with it? The Pussy Party. Has a nice ring.


PA is cleaning up these COTW awards. He’s our second COTW runner-up. Maybe time to get a trophy cabinet?

Modern America:

Degeneracy at the top
Depravity at the bottom
Despair in the middle

Despair transforms into resolve when it no longer respects the top.

One can hope. Rule of thumb: If a member of the ruling class or its Hivemind megaphone hates someone, it’s a good bet that hated person is feared precisely because he speaks a message of truth that means the demise of the occupying elite. If you smell your enemy’s fear, you’re on the right track.


Commenter elmer has a business idea for SWPLs who want to impress stoop-shouldered white hipster friends (or black girlfriends) with their connection to the black communitaaaaahh.

When they ask “do you have any black friends” is when you invoke my killer app CloudBlackFriend, who will send you a personalized most def tweet or other “social media” channel message.

Status whoring SWPL: “Hold on a sec.” *checks CBF app* “Dey got they OPP to suck they dik.”

SWPL Peer: “Keep it real!” *raises hand for high five, misses by a foot*


Not a COTW winner, or runner-up, or anything, but funny nonetheless. “Anonymous” chortles,

At this this point a guy could probably run on a platform of (1) closing the fucking borders and (2) mandatory gay marriage for everyone, and still get elected.

Build up this wall, Mr. Obama! (and tear down that other wall, you swishy mulatto!)


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