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America, Then And Now

Then, 1925:

Now, 2014:

(h/t peterike) At least the fattest one kept her dress down and spared us all an episode of PTSD.


It seems no commenters got the underlying message of this edition of “America, Then and Now”. The 1920s were a high (or low) water mark of sexual licentiousness and decadence in the US. There are those who argue that these decadence periods follow historical cycles. We may be at another peak (or trough) of sexual licentiousness and decadence now, in 2015 America. (The previous being the late 60s-early 70s.) Yet, the contrast between the 1925 photo and the 2014 photo couldn’t be starker. If the former is decadent, the latter is gutter filth.

Clearly, if there’s a poz cycle that operates on say, a forty-year cycle, the long-term trend over the accumulated poz cycles is towards ever-greater vulgarity. When some deep nadir in the poz cycle is achieved, the system will probably break into parts, rather than swing the poz pendulum back into anti-poz.


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