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The Rubicock

Today CH will introduce you to the theory of the Rubicock. What is the Rubicock? Reader PWN explains it well.

lol, if you want a girl that didn’t sleep around, you must be either her first boyfriend or her second boyfriend. After that, the dam breaks and it might as well be 45 men. There are plenty of girls who hold out, some guy pops their cherry and by the next year they fucked two dozen men.

Ain’t that the truth. So many women, after having drunk enough truth serum, will eventually confess to “wild times” in their lives, when they went cock crazy, usually after a break-up or, as PWN notes, after a long dry spell followed by a drought-busting dicking. Once the chaste girl’s sugar walls are chafed by her third ride on the cock carousel, all her self-control flies out the window. She’s primed for regularly scheduled poundings, especially if she’s left her early 20s behind and still single.

I’ve heard it so many times from women who were considered by their girl friends the “virgins” of the cluck. It goes like this: She has an anonymously urban night when she throws all caution to the wind out of frustration, and the next thing she knows, she’s getting new dick monthly, departing with a quickness from the relative chastity of her pre-Rubicock dating history.

That’s the Rubicock: The cock notch number that, when a girl crosses it, accelerates her descent into debauched sluttery.

It’s like, once the snatch seal is broken, her womb trembles and the four horse cocks of the apocalypse pour molten semen into her damaged psyche.

If you’re interested in long-term loving with a woman that comes with threat of financial loss, it’s a good idea to avoid committing to any woman who has crossed the Rubicock. There’s a good chance you won’t be the last Rubicock line she crosses.


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