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The fact that conspiracy theories are routine fodder for jokesters doesn’t mean one can’t occasionally be true. Now that the media industrial complex is a wholly-owned subsidiary and propaganda arm of the globo-equalist ruling elite, the opportunity to devise and execute a conspiracy to neuter enemies, and get away with it, has never been more tempting.

A conspiratorial possibility that could fly under the public’s radar today would be a false flag operation designed to discredit and, ideally, criminalize Narrative dissenters engaged in crimethink. An operative, or a very gullible patsy, could be ordered (or duped) to kill some useful innocents, and his computer and home planted with reading material that includes loveable Realtalk blogs which give the elite fits. Then when the Hivemind-friendly media investigate the murders and set their semantic Gatlings on the Un-brainwashed, the job of silencing the real enemy of the ruling class — the rowdy dissidents changing hearts and minds outside megaphone channels — becomes a lot easier.

This post isn’t a claim of conspiracy to explain current events. It’s simply a reminder that such an elite conspiracy is possible, and maybe more possible than it’s ever been in American history.


A reader writes,

Incidentally, the House just passed Trade Promotion Authority after a humiliating defeat last week. This [Charleston] story is the top story on literally every single MSM site as well as the right-wing and left-wing alternative sites, sucking all of the oxygen out of the outrage of those on the left and right who realize what a betrayal this deal is (which incidentally has not been disclosed and even Congress members have to review in a special room and cannot even take notes).

A conspiracy-minded person might be tempted to see a connection between the two.

Is there anything left about America that inspires trust in her institutions and her leaders?


The point of this post is that if you’re a high ranking member of the Hivemind and you want to devise a conspiracy to discredit your anti-Hivemind enemies, it really helps your cause to have a nationwide media sucking the last drop from your cock.


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