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Dylann Storm Roof (dat fuckin wigger name), the Charleston church shooter, looks like the even more soulless twin of Adam Lanza, Sandy Hook school shooter. Same misshapen omega male face, minus a score of IQ points.

CH predictions:

– Roof will have been on some sort of feminism-approved psychotropic drug, like Adderall, since boyhood.
– Roof will have been at some point diagnosed with mental difficulties, and spent time in remedial classes. He looks like he’s got a touch of the Downs.
– Roof will have never had a real girlfriend, or will have suffered a recent “break-up” by a girl he thought was his girlfriend but who herself thought he was just a friend to her.
– Roof is a virgin.
– Roof has a manifesto hiding somewhere.
– Roof will have been raised in a broken family, by a single mom.
– Roof was a high school outcast.
– Roof had a gay episode in his past, possibly sexually abused by a gay (black?) authority figure.
– Roof is an avowed atheist.
– Roof has logged years worth of World of Warcraft play.

Reminder: White mass shooters are often afflicted with clinical mental illness, falling well outside the norm for their race. Black killers often fall well within the norm for their race. Crime stats don’t lie. I suppose to get around this uncomfortable reality one could always argue that a higher proportion of blacks than whites suffer from mental disorders and psychopathy. Heh.


So far, one CH prediction appears to be true. Roof was on a pharmaco-therapeutic agent called suboxone, to treat addiction. The drug is known to be associated with violent outbursts.


Was Dylann Storm Roof a sexually aggrieved White Knight? If this holds up as factual, he supposedly said to one survivor “…you rape our women…this is why you have to go”. This goes to an observation I have about especially earnest white knights: The in-your-face, quick-tempered white knight who looks for any opportunity to rush to a m’lady’s defense is usually a dude who can’t get laid. He sublimates his sexual failure into a quixotic quest to defend all maidens’ honor, imagining the righteous pose somehow imbues him with the sexual allure he so desperately wants.

Was Roof a failure with the white women he desired but couldn’t get, and did this rejection drive him to the extremes of white knightery, culminating in murdering the symbol of his torment, the fantasy mandingo AMOG? Or, alternately, was he cucked by a black guy, and instead of blame the white girl, he exonerated her from responsiblity and focused all his incel rage on the interloper?


Ramzpaul puts his brass ones on the table and won’t let you look away.


A second CH prediction about Roof has come true. Roof did indeed pine for a white girl who chose to mudshark rather than be with him.

Scott Roof, who identified himself as the suspect’s cousin, toldThe Intercept that “Dylann was normal until he started listening to that white power music stuff.” He claims that “he kind of went over the edge when a girl he liked starting dating a black guy two years back.” He added, “Dylann liked her … The black guy got her. He changed. I don’t know if we would be here if not …” then hung up the phone.

“Over the edge” is something you frequently hear about people who are later revealed to be schizophrenic. Roof’s cucking at the hands of a black guy was the likely trigger for a psychotic break. Also, it sounds like this girl “he liked” either wasn’t aware of Roof’s ardor or was and had him firmly wedged in the friendzone.

From the same article, a third and a fourth CH prediction are validated. Roof was from a broken family, (unclear who raised him, but probably his single mom), and “[r]ecords show he attended ninth grade twice, and it appears he dropped out after that.” Roof was, literally, a high school outcast.

Chateau Heartiste, your first stop for personality profiling.

FYI, expect to see more of this white omega male cuck-rage if the fad of prole white chicks fucking blacks and friendzoning whites picks up any perceptible steam. Not condoning, only describing human nature and how it’s best not to fuck with ancient genetic algorithms.

Which is all to say….

Game can save lives!


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